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Tooth Colour Restorations

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Tooth Colour Restorations

If you’ve knocked your tooth, or are suffering from deep tooth decay, the nerve in your tooth may have died. When the nerve ending in your tooth is no longer active, there will be no blood supply to the tooth, which can cause it to discolour and even go black over time.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry just yet, as the team at Woodvale Dental Surgery can perform tooth restorations.

As one of Perth’s finest teeth whitening clinics, we can restore the appearance and functionality of your tooth/teeth, to ensure your smile looks as bright as it did when your teeth were brand new!

color restoration

How do Tooth Colour Restorations Work

Restoring the colour of your tooth follows a similar process to our teeth whitening service, but if the damaged tooth hasn’t been treated yet, extra work may be required.

To repair the damaged tooth, we will usually need to empty and disinfect the root canal chamber that contains the damaged nerve. Once the canal is completely flushed out we will fill it with a tightly packed rubber filling. After the tooth has been repaired, it will be time to get whitening!

The discolouration of a dead tooth won’t fix itself naturally, which is why our tooth colour restoration service is necessary. There are two options available for whitening the tooth – internal bleaching, or placing a veneer over the tooth – we usually favour internal bleaching.

Internal bleaching is similar to normal teeth whitening, but will whiten the tooth from the inside. After just one session you’ll be able to notice the difference, as your tooth – and your smile – will start to look healthier and brighter!

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