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Root Canal Treatment

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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is needed when there’s a deep infection in a tooth’s root that becomes inflamed or infected. An infection of this severity can be quite painful and will need to be treated with root canal therapy.


4 Signs You Need a Root Canal

If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, contact our dental surgery in Woodvale for immediate treatment.

  • Serious pain in a tooth/your teeth when you eat or put pressure on the area.
  • Pain and sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli that lingers even after the source of the pain has been removed.
  • Little bumps have appeared on the gum near the source of pain.
  • You’re experiencing tenderness or swelling in your gums near the pain source.
root canal treatment

What’s Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

When undergoing an invasive treatment of this nature, a lot of patients opt to be sedated; otherwise, we will numb the tooth prior to commencing the root canal procedure.

1. Your tooth will be numbed and an opening will be made through the crown of your tooth to open up the pulp chamber.

2. The infection and unhealthy pulp will be cleaned out of your tooth’s canals.

3. The canal will be shaped ready for the filling material and then irrigation will take place to remove any loose debris and to clean the canals.

4. Your emptied and cleaned canal will be filled with a permanent material that will keep the tooth free of infection or any contamination.

5. The opening of the canal will be sealed with a temporary filling, which will stay in place until a dental crown/cap can be installed.

6. In some cases, if extra support is required, a post can be placed into the canal next to the permanent filling, which will give the crown extra support.

7. Lastly, the crown is cemented in place and you’ll be left with a healthy, natural-looking tooth.

This treatment is often administered over one or two sessions that can last up to two hours each.

Woodvale Dental Surgery is a root canal dentist in Perth, so if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from a cavity or an infection in your mouth, contact us for a consultation.

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