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Emergency Dental

When you’re experiencing a bad toothache, or some form of dental trauma, it’s essential you attend to the problem straight away to ensure your condition doesn’t worsen.

At Woodvale Dental Surgery we understand that toothaches and traumas don’t always fit in nicely with our schedules, so emergency dental work may be required.

We’re an emergency dentist in Perth that can quickly and efficiently treat your urgent dental issues. We can treat a number of on the spot emergency dentistry issues, including:

  • Bleeding that’s caused from facial trauma
  • Dental pain in your teeth, gum, jaw, or mouth
  • Facial swelling
  • Inflammation or eruption of wisdom teeth pre- or post-surgery
  • Complications that arise after a wisdom teeth operation
Emergency Dentist Woodvale

Emergency Care for Toothaches

Toothaches can cause pain in your teeth and around your jaw, and can happen as a result of a range of dental issues. It’s common for the pain to start suddenly, and can range in severity from mild discomfort to severe pain. Depending on how bad the pain is, a toothache can make it difficult to eat and sleep, and will often make everyday tasks almost impossible.

Toothaches can sometimes come and go, but for many people the pain is constant, and is only made worse by eating or drinking. When left untreated, most toothaches will get worse over time, which is why it’s essential you visit an emergency dentist as soon as the pain starts.

When you visit the emergency dental team at Woodvale Dental Surgery, we’ll get to the root of the problem straight away, so we can ease your discomfort and fix your toothache’s trigger as soon as possible.

If you do require emergency dental care, contact our Woodvale-based dental clinic today – we’ll get you the first available appointment and make sure you’re looked after every step of the way.

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