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Dentures Perth

As one of Perth’s premium denture clinics, we take great pride in our premium immediate and partial denture services. As a proven and affordable way to restore dental function after teeth have been damaged or taken out, dentures are removable teeth that use the latest technology to improve the health and appearance of your whole mouth.


Immediate Dentures

In a preliminary dental visit, Woodvale Dental Surgery will take measurements of your mouth to determine what size dentures you will need. Immediate full dentures are usually inserted after your existing teeth have been removed.

The main benefit of immediate dentures is that your teeth will be replaced straight away, so you won’t have to go toothless while you’re waiting for your new teeth to be ready. However, the dentures will need to be realigned after your mouth has fully-recovered, as your mouth’s measurements will change once the tissue in your gums has healed.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a great way to fill the gaps created by missing teeth. These can be unclipped and taken out if they need to be and will ensure your smile is happy and confident for years to come.

This type of denture consists of a metal framework that is designed to attach to your natural teeth, and is perfect for when you only have a handful of teeth that need replacing. A removable bridge can also be created if the partial dentures are attached to dental crowns.

Advantages of dentures

Regardless of which type of denture is right for you, dentures will create a natural looking smile with no unsightly gaps.

Some other notable advantages include:

  • Dentures will improve the overall functionality of your mouth, including eating and talking

  • They will support your facial structure and muscles, while also decreasing bone loss

  • They are an affordable treatment option

  • They can be easily removed or replaced if needed

  • They are easy and painless to insert

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