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When you seek medical or dental treatment, infection control is always extremely important. At Woodvale Dental Surgery, we operate under a strict hygiene code. All of our experienced dentists adhere to the dental infection control standards as set by Australian law, so you can rest assured of complete safety at our clinic.

All our dentists are experienced and efficient in providing their services. If you have any problem and want to consult to an expert, then you can join us easily.

Hygiene comes first

Using the very latest equipment and techniques at our practice, the team at Woodvale Dental Surgery guarantees expert dentistry that delivers on quality and infection control. From treating infections in the teeth and gums, to successfully preventing any risk of infection in our premises, we excel on all fronts.

Dental Surgery Woodvale

Efficient infection control

If infections do occur, our dentists are more than capable of treating these efficiently. If you think you might have an infection, please contact us immediately, as dental infections should never be left untreated.

Your oral health can affect the rest of your body, so keeping on top of oral hygiene is crucial. If you ignore toothache or other dental problems, the worst-case scenario will result in losing your teeth altogether, or having a serious dental infection.

There’s no need to suffer in silence or to put up with pain. Come to Woodvale Dental Surgery and we’ll give you a happy, healthy smile.

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Our highly trained team is adept at maintaining exemplary standards in all areas of our practice for your complete peace of mind.

What is Dental Surgery?

Any type of surgery in the world should not be taken light, dental surgery is one of those surgeries that are used to solve various issues related to the dental surgery. If you have any problem related to the teeth, jaw or your mouth, then you must consult an experienced dentist. On the basis of his experience and the condition of your mouth, he may suggest you a dental surgery or medicines. Although, it is not an easy task to undergo a dental surgery, but in some cases, you don’t have any other choice. The word “dental surgery” is used for different types of mouth treatments, so you should not be scared if a dentist recommend you for a dental surgery.

A dental surgery may be a simple one that is just removal of tooth or it may be complex one that is the implantation of the tooth.  The basic function of the dental surgery is to repair, improve and minimize the pain problems among people. Dental Surgery Woodvale can also improve the facial appearance and the functionalities of damaged teeth.

All dental surgery is performed in the dentist’s practice or the hospital, provided that all the important tools should be available in sterilized form. Dentists use anaesthesia before performing the surgery, the amount of anaesthesia depends on your level of anxiety and the complexity of the surgery.

You can take appointment by an email or call. Don’t take any of your problems lightly and consult immediately.

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