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Take Care Of Your Teeth This Winter!

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Take Care Of Your Teeth This Winter!
Take Care Of Your Teeth This Winter!

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With great winter comes great…sensitivity.


The correlation between winter and sensitive teeth is unfortunate but doesn’t have to be lasting. There’s no reason you should suffer through discomfort when there are remedies and solutions that are simple and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Changes and tweaks may have to be made to your dental routine. Having a solid understanding of the things that work for you, as well as regular check-ups with your dentist will ensure that you have the best platform to kickstart a winter oral health plan that is right for you!

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To understand how to prevent sensitive teeth it is important to also know why you have sensitive teeth in the first place. Usually, worn teeth enamel or exposed tooth roots are the cause. This isn’t a permanent problem, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to turn things around if you’ve had a history of tooth sensitivity.


Now is a more important time than ever to start and stick to a consistent brushing routine (twice a day) and flossing regularly. Maintaining a consistent routine will decrease the chance of any further oral decay and establish good oral hygiene.


Appreciate the importance of using the appropriate toothbrush! Softer brushes are less abrasive on the teeth and the bristles will help lessen the impact on your teeth. Softer brushes can seem in-affective and strange at first, We are so used to scrubbing our teeth with the force that a softer touch can feel ineffective. Teeth are more delicate than one expects and we want to show them the appropriate amount of love. We have to be precise with our care and not over brush.


Using the right toothpaste is another necessary part of caring for sensitive teeth. There are a number of different brands available which all claim to be the best option. Looking out for awards and buying from reputable companies is a good way to filter through the options. Recognised dental awards that are displayed on the packing appropriately also add validity to a product What sets these types of toothpaste apart from your run-of-the-mill toothpaste, is the all-important presence of potassium nitrate. Potassium Nitrate combats sensitivity by preventing nerve pain, regular use will strengthen your teeth and gums, making them more resistant to the colder months.

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Using mouthwash and floss is recommended as well, bear in mind to always floss gently, especially around sore teeth and try and use a fluoride mouthwash.  Fluoride strengthens exposed enamel and dentin which will help alleviate pain and aches.


It is important to anticipate the winter sensitivity by caring for your teeth year round.  If you keep a regular routine that is catered to you then you will put your mouth in the best position to be healthy and you won’t be surprised come winter. A healthy mouth isn’t achieved in one season.


Making regular trips to your dentist will ensure your teeth have the best care available. If you want to maintain healthy teeth this is the best option. Two trips a year is the recommended minimum.  This will allow your dentist to stay on top of any immediate problems such as cracks, chips or decay and prevent them from worsening.


Regular visits and a consistent routine will mean no more aches and sharp pains when winter arrives. You will also be able to develop a catered dental plan that’s right for you.   



To schedule yourself a consultation or to learn more about oral care in winter, contact the team at Woodvale Dental Centre today!


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